Plus Size Women'S Swanky Flapper Costume by Dreamgirl
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Plus Size Women'S Swanky Flapper Costume by Dreamgirl

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When the Clocks Strikes MidnightYou know the BEST thing about being a flapper? No one tells you when to leave a party! While some gals get done up like princesses only to run away at the sound of a tolling clock, you flappers get gussied up and party 'til the cows come home. Whether you meet a fun new friend or you dance the night away with your best gals, flappers do as flappers want. No one puts a flapper in a corner (different reference, but it still works). So if you're looking for a way to look festive and feel free-spirited, then this Plus Size Ladies Swanky Flapper Costume may just be your glass slipper, so to speak. A perfect fit.When the clock strikes midnight at your next shindig, you'll be down on the dance floor, swaying to some swell jazz and sipping your sloe gin fizz. And we think that's better than running away from a cute date, losing a shoe (a one of a kind, no less) and racing home in a pumpkin drawn by mice, right? We're glad you agree!Fun DetailsThis gorgeous garb is comprised of a black velvet dress topped with golden glitter and adorned with metallic gold lace, fringe, and sequins! Ooh la la! The headband is made of stretchy gold sequins and features a black ostrich plume. The gloves, boa, and cigarette holder are all sold separately, but maybe your fairy godmother could conjure them up for you. Just make sure they don't time out at midnight, because the rest of this look plans to sizzle 'til dawn!Timeless Fairy TaleSo let those other girls have their ballgowns and weird names. You're after a happy ending of a different ilk, one where the guests are cool, the clothes are haute, and the champagne and music flow until you—and only you—call it a night. With both heels still on.

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