Prestige Minecraft Armor Costume For Children by Disguise
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Prestige Minecraft Armor Costume For Children by Disguise

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First, I Got the Iron Pickaxe, then…When your child is a gamer, it happens. They drag you to the computer to show you their Minecraft world. They excitedly become a waterfall of words, explaining each tiny thing there. They tell you how their iron pickaxe can mine any kind of ore, but it destroys gold. They’ll probably regale you with the tale of how they tamed a wolf with a skeleton bone they acquired from a dead skeleton. Of course, you’ll politely nod your head as they explain a complex world to you, even if you’re having trouble following each intricate detail.If that’s the kind of thing that happens to you on a regular basis, then it’s safe to say that your child is a Minecraft fan. And that means your child needs the best armor available they want to have the best Minecraft experience possible! That’s where this Minecraft prestige child armor costume comes into play.Fun DetailsThis child Minecraft costume isn’t just any old armor. It’s modeled after the diamond armor in the video game, which is the premier armor of intrepid heroes! It comes with a tunic top that has a turquoise exterior to mimic the look of the in-game armor. It even has blocky shoulders to help give it a pixelated style. The matching pants fit with an elastic band in the waist, but the best part of this costume is the helmet! The helmet puts the finishing touch on the costume and will make your child feel capable of taking on a whole army of Creepers!It’s the OneWhether or not you fully get Minecraft, you can rest assured that this child armor set is the costume that your little Minecraft fan wants! It comes with everything they need to face off against the fiercest of creatures and you don’t even have to mine any ore to get it!

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