Prisoner Costume For Men by FUN Costumes
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Prisoner Costume For Men by FUN Costumes

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THE GREAT ESCAPE A good backstory is essential for any great costume, so let us ask you this: When you became a prisoner, how did you escape prison? A good breakout story is a great way to impress anyone who you might meet. Let's go through some possibilities for your successful escape from prison. One possibility is that you escaped by climbing inside of your mattress, and hiding in there until they threw it away. Maybe you spilled something rancid on it right before climbing inside. You hid in there for three whole days while they looked for you, but when they were unsuccessful they threw the mattress, and you, in the dumpster. Another option would be that you dug your way out with a spoon. You went under your bed and dug every single night for three and a half years straight. That's a good one, though it is admittedly not as original as saying you hid in your mattress. FUN DETAILS This costume will have everyone (maybe even the police) believing your an escaped convict. The shirt and pants come in a black and white stripe, a classic prison uniform scheme. The shirt fastens behind your neck with fabric ties, and the pants have an elastic waistband, making this a comfortable fit. You'll have your own prisoner number to identify by, prisoner 235629. The finishing touch for this exclusive costume is the round fabric cap that you'll wear on your head. BACKSTORIES MATTERStill not sold on the escape stories we came up with? We will pitch one more at you! After all, the back story for your prisoner character is super important! How about this: Over the course of four years, you stole each individual piece of the guard uniform while working in the laundry room. Then, you planted this uniform in your cellmates things and framed him! Then they let you out for good behavior. On second thought, don't use that, it might have other prisoners out to get you. We hope these ideas have helped you brainstorm though, good luck! 

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