Queen Cleopatra Costume For Adults by Goddessey
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Queen Cleopatra Costume For Adults by Goddessey

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QUEEN CLEOPATRACleopatra was one impressive woman! She led an impressive life. And it paid off for her! She got to live a life of luxury we can only dream of. We would love to be waited on, someone looking after our every need and want. You wouldn't even need to feed yourself, someone else can do it for you!You'd also have the nicest home in the nicest city for miles in every direction. It's probably not even fair to call it a home, it's closer to a mansion, or a palace, or a castle. But, it's home to you! You could get lost in your own house. How crazy is that? How is that even possible? We don't know, but we would love to find out! FUN DETAILSWhen you put on this costume, you'll look as though you jumped right off the pages of our high school history book! You'll be wearing a white sleeveless pullover dress. The dress is simple, elegant, and provides the perfect backdrop for the rest of the costume. Over the dress, you'll be wearing the cape. The cape is blue and is sewn to the back of the dress. It is then secured to your wrists with the wrist cuffs you see in the image above. You'll be wearing the belt around your waist, as well as the decorative drape. You'll find that it matches perfectly with the collar. But, our favorite part of this costume is the headpiece. The headpiece is a band of sequin-covered elastic decorated with bead strands. It's the perfect crown to match your power as queen. QUEEN When you are queen, make sure that you are living like one! When you are in costume, spare no expense! If you want to get avocado on your burrito, just do it! You're worth it. 

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