Racer Jumpsuit Costume For Girls by FUN Costumes
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Racer Jumpsuit Costume For Girls by FUN Costumes

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A Need for SpeedYour daughter is not quite old enough to drive yet (phew!), but you can already sense she may have the itch for fast cars. She’s always talking about the fastest horses, the fastest mach-speed airplanes, heck, she’s joined the track team and is already setting school records. So, as she begins to prepare for her learner’s permit and license, you may want to find a way to ensure she doesn’t translate that need for speed onto the highway. We have a good idea: pick up this Girl’s Racer Jumpsuit for her, and let her feel like she’s racing at high speeds, no matter what she’s doing!Even if she’s sitting in the passenger seat while you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, this streamlined outfit will make her feel like she is moving at a 100 MPH! And why wouldn’t it? It brings together the boldest racing stripes and classic speed demon styling. Trust us, this outfit will get her that rush of speed she needs!Fun DetailsThis winning look is designed to reduce drag and increase speed in all your gal’s day-to-day activities. Ok, technically, that’s an unscientific and untested claim. But...this jumpsuit does come with black and white checkered pique inset panels and many cargo pockets, and that means it’s built to withstand high energy and interest wherever she wears it. The eye-catching racing stripe design will make your daughter feel like she’s moving at high speeds. And not to mention, the included fingerless gloves are perfect for gripping steering wheels, even if she’s only just practicing driving right now.Growing Up FastYour girl’s so into speed, she’s even growing up at an alarming rate. Soon, she’ll be old enough to drive and maybe even fly planes or conduct high-speed trains. And that’s ok. In fact, it’s awesome! After you’ve picked up this costume for her, she’ll be prepared to handle speed with reason and caution—like a pro. Of course, you’ll never be able to get that fixation on “fast” out of her, but at least she’ll be skilled enough to know how to handle it. Bravo!

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