Red Fringe Florence Flapper Costume by FUN Costumes
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Red Fringe Florence Flapper Costume by FUN Costumes

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Needed FlairYou know, the Prohibition era was a fascinating time. You had the rise of organized crime, speakeasies, flappers, and eventually the Great Depression (wah-wah), along with really excellent jazz and swing music. In short, a lot was happening during that time—some good, some bad, some a little of both. Regardless, nowadays, people still love the style of that time—which is exactly why you’re opening a prohibition-style bar! We think it’s a great idea. The only thing you need is this Speakeasy Flapper Costume to keep the experience fully immersive for your guests.Think about it, how will the impromptu jazz music and dancing work if you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt? It won’t! You need the bright flash and eye-catching flair of a flapper outfit for that kind of situation.  Not only is it simply more fun, but it will get your customers excited to dance along and maybe dress the part as well!Fun DetailsDesigned to bring the party to life, this dress is perfect for being the first one on the dance floor and fierce behind the bar! The full ensemble consists of a pullover sheath dress featuring a sequin-trimmed neckline and shoulder straps. Eight tiers of fringe cover the entire dress and ensure that as you spin and kick you’ll be the brightest star on the floor. Also included is a sequined headband that has an upright feather in the front, in order to make sure you stand out, even as you simply seat new guests or whip up a few quick signature drinks.An Immediate HitWith this timelessly cool style, classic bar menu, and amazing all-night dance floor, your speakeasy is sure to be a hit from the start. Just make sure to always keep the lights dim, the music loud, and the drinks fresh—there’s no other way to do it!

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