Red Sour Patch Kids Costume For Adults by FUN Costumes
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Red Sour Patch Kids Costume For Adults by FUN Costumes

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Kicking it with CandyIf you had to choose a type of candy to come to life and hang out with you, which one would you choose? Wait! Before you choose, you've got to think. First, it should be a candy that's shaped like an animal or person, such as a gummy bear, otherwise, you might just be hanging out with a blob that's trying to communicate but can't quite make it and you're forced to eat the whole thing to put it out of its misery. Secondly, it shouldn't be too crave-able. If you always succumb to the smell of chocolate and peanut butter than you're not going to want to choose a peanut butter stuffed Santa because you really shouldn't take a bite out of your buddies. If you really want to have a good time with your newly brought to life candy pal, then choosing a Sour Patch Kid is the natural way to go. Sure, you might get pranked at first but after that, your friendship is sure to be sweet!Fun Details & DesignOur creative team brought your favorite candy character to life with this fully licensed Sour Patch Kid costume. Designed for full-on silliness, this costume has a soft red surface that's dusted in sparkle for those sour sugar crystals that you've come to crave. Zipping up the back, the full-body jumpsuit allows you to completely transform with mitts that fold over your hands and shoe covers that snap around the sole of your shoe with an elastic band. The look is topped off with a foam-backed headpiece that's fitted with eye-openings covered in mesh to let you see without interrupting your sweet disguise!Sweet TalkHalloween is all about taking the sweet with the sour... it's trick-or-treating not treat-or-treating after all! If you're heading out as a Sour Patch Kids, you can get a little mischevious while remaining confident that your sweet side will win Halloween revelers over, in the end!

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