Regal Pirate Costume by Charades
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Regal Pirate Costume by Charades

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A BLEND OF REGAL LAW AND HIGH SEAS CHAOSWe all know what to expect when we think of the scurvy pirate.  We know that there is going to be a ton of drinking and no limit to the amount of crime and lawlessness.  People are going to get stabbed and booty is going to get stolen.  So, when you see that pirate coming up the docks, you are more than ready for anything that they might be serving up.  A quick whistle to the local constables and the whole crisis is averted before they even take the second step on their wooden leg! But, things get a little more confusing when the pirate is clever, refined, and manages to blend that regal look into their daily pirate affairs!  We'd like to argue that the whole look is a bit deceitful and unfair to the rest of the world, but that's what makes a pirate one of the most engaging occupations out there, so we can hardly blame you.  We'll help you, instead!FUN DETAILSElevate your piracy to the next level with this Women's Regal Pirate Lady Costume.  This beautiful pirate regalia is one part sophistication, one part high seas adventure, and a perfect serving of pirate booty thanks to the slim-fit pants and the brilliant red velvet frock jacket.  The coat has cuffs trimmed in gleaming metallic gold while the white jabot style shirt has a satin ribbon and ruffled sleeves to accentuate the pirate flair.  The black faux leather belt with antique-style metal buckle accentuates and finishes off your refined look.  A PIRATE OF REFINEMENT AND GRACEChange the image of the pirate from that lazy sloven scurvy dog and into the high-class adventurer of the high seas with this perfect combination of frill and fancy.  Accessorize further with a tricorn Captain's Hat and a Cutlass and you'll rule the Seven Seas and the Port!

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