Sad Jason Friday The 12Th Men'S T-Shirt by Changes
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Sad Jason Friday The 12Th Men'S T-Shirt by Changes

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It's All in the TimingWhen you got to college you realized: timing is everything. Success comes down to simple calculations of time: What to study for and when; what not to study for and when. When to party, when to buckle down, when to ask out your crush, when to hold back, when to eat, and when to do laundry (uh,'s about time for that).Most importantly, you must carefully time when you blow it all off and watch a marathon of your favorite horror films from the Friday the 13th franchise. Because no one knows about timing better than Jason Vorhees. Your beloved movie killer is prone to pencil in a good killing spree. And when it doesn't pan out, well, let's just say we wouldn't want to share his dorm room!Fun DetailsThis Sad Jason Friday the 12th Men's T-Shirt makes light of that all-important timing, by depicting how upset it makes Jason when he misses his gory window. It's fully licensed and crafted from 100% cotton, and it features a cartoon graphic of a knife-wielding Jason Vorhees looking forlorn at a calendar. It's bound to get you lots of attention around campus!Dirty WorkThis great tee comes in a neutral gray color (that can easily be thrown into your laundry...hint, hint!). It will liven up your Halloween week, make for an awesome movie marathon, or prove a festive way to celebrate Friday the 13th...when it finally comes around.

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