Sequined Unicorn Costume For Women by FUN Costumes
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Sequined Unicorn Costume For Women by FUN Costumes

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UNICORN QUEEN SLAYSEvery community has a social structure and unicorns are no exception. A single family rules over the horned equine species and the current queen is known for being enchantingly extra. (And magical, but more so extra.) Humans and unicorns obsess over her! The Unicorn Queen is basically a mythological A-lister and a social-climbing Influencer, always spotted in the tabloids with young Hollywood stars and other internet-famous celebs. We live for everything she does... if you couldn't already tell.She slays all day, every day, in social media and IRL, always clad in a combo of lush dragon scales and rare centaur fur. Tons of brands sponsor her, one of the reasons why she's the most followed Instagrammer, currently. (Take that, Selena!) The Unicorn Queen is a legend in an infinite amount of ways. Stunning, sassy and literally sparkling perfection, she never ceases to amaze both humans and fairytale creatures alike. Declare allegiance to the Unicorn Queen with a costume paying homage to (perhaps) her most iconic feature, a layer of twinkling iridescent sparkles. If that wasn't extra enough, a shiny horn reflective enough for a mirror-selfie tops the iconic costume off.  (Mirror-selfies not guaranteed.)     FUN DETAILSCreated by our team of Unicorn Queen stans/talented Designers, the Made by Us romper features, a full zipper, pink faux-fur cuffs and pink sequins, great for sparkling in the spotlight. An attached hood has a silvery spiral horn, pointy ears and a mane of cotton candy fur. (Note: it's not real cotton candy, just fake fur.) Finally, a pair of stretchy foot covers slide over heels and flats, mimicking the Unicorn Queen's iconic peony-colored hooves. (Please note, this romper is unicorn cruelty-free.)      WERK ITUnicorn Queen only leaves her castle when her pink locks are on-point so don't forget to add the pink ombre wig to your order so you can prance with complete confidence this Halloween. 

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