Sexy Grand Slam Costume by Dreamgirl
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Sexy Grand Slam Costume by Dreamgirl

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PRACTICE YOUR BAT FLIP When it comes to hitting grand slams, there is a secret to it. Not to actually hitting the grand slams, but to the celebration! There are two key aspects to the celebration: The bat flip, and the victory trot around the bases. By practicing these beforehand, you will look like a pro that has done this before! The perfect bat-flip is going to go about 7 feet high, and complete almost two full rotations by the time it reaches the ground. The key to a good bat flip is launching it from the very bottom of the bat. That gives it that nice twirl action everyone is looking for! Take a second and practice your bat flip. When you have that perfect, and only then, will we give you the next step. You can find the secret to a victory lap explained below. FUN DETAILS Before we get into that, we should probably at least mention this costume! This costume comes in the form of a dress that is styled to look just like a baseball jersey! We've included navy blue shorts to wear underneath, and the front of the jersey says "Grand Slam" So you can talk the talk while you walk the walk. We have also included the knee-high socks, and more importantly, the hat! What baseball costume would be complete without a baseball hat? Once you have this on, all you'll need are some cleats and you'll be ready to hit some dingers! THE VICTORY TROTThe key to a good victory lap is all about the pace. You're not in any rush, because you can't get out anyways. But you also don't want to go to slow, because nobody wants to wait three minutes for you to walk the bases. What you're looking for is that casual middle ground that says "I hit grand slams on the daily." 

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