Sexy Red And Gold Superhero Costume Boots by Ellie
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Sexy Red And Gold Superhero Costume Boots by Ellie

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Made for More Than Walkin’You know what every superhero needs? Some really stellar footwear, obviously! You can’t just go into battle fighting crime in a pair of skateboarding shoes or beat-up tennis sneakers. No way. You need something durable, flashy, and recognizable. Something iconic. Something that says, "Rest easy, this city is safe with me."That’s why you should make sure to pick up these Wondrous Superhero Boots before your next vigilante spree. They are perfect for high kicks, low kicks, and everything you might need to do in-between (note: these claims have not been evaluated by a sports physiologist) to stop crime. Not only that, but villains are undoubtedly going to recognize you from miles away when you wear these red heels, and will likely abandon their plans out of fear of your power.Fun DetailsThese red high-heeled boots come with dazzling gold detailing along the top, and a five inch (!) pointed heel. Nearly knee high in length, this pair proves perfect for protecting your legs while in dangerous hand-to-hand combat. Zip this pair up on the side, and check out just how perfectly these boots match your superhero outfit--red goes with everything, right? Especially superpowers.A Hero in HeelsYou’ll have no problem keeping your city safe when wearing these flashy boots around dark alleys at night. Now all you need to do is come up with an unforgettable super-name. Something that can transcend time and outlive us all. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?

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