Sexy Women'S Deer Costume by FUN Costumes
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Sexy Women'S Deer Costume by FUN Costumes

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TIME TO GO ON THE HUNTEver since that crippling moment in the woods, oh so long ago, there has been a yearning building up in you.  There's someone out there that you need to find... to get vengeance!  Nobody can get over the tragic loss of a certain doe, no matter how hard we try to move beyond it.  But, that's where some clever thinking and practiced prancing from the wood and into the urban jungle is going to turn the tables. It is time for the delicate doe to go on the hunt, herself!  No longer are you the one being pursued.  It is time to become the hunter.  You might have all the genetic adaptations to be wary of what is going on around you, but you can just as easily use those advantages to go from the deer in headlights to the one directing the beam! FUN DETAILSWe're beyond excited to see the prey you bring down in this turning of the tables.  Gear up... or should we say deer up... with this Sexy Deer Costume.  Our designers have learned the lessons well of that tragic fate and have created a masterful design that is one part cute fawn and one part deadly deer!  This sheath style hooded dress pulls over your body and features the flawless design of 3/4 length sleeves and an above-the-knee hemline.  The faux fur front panel is a gleaming white while the back and sides are an adorable tan.  White printed spots, as well as your fur tail, are in the back.  The hood features two spots for you to wear your antler headband if you want to buck up your doe look as well! BAMBI IS ON THE PROWLSure, the story might have suggested that things ended in a more isolated and proud kind of conclusion, but this is your story to write.  Slide into your deer role and have the masses fawn over you, but that's all just the act.  You're the hunter this time around, so choose your time and pounce.  

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