Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume For Plus Size by FUN Costumes
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Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume For Plus Size by FUN Costumes

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JUMPING OFF THE PAGEThe thought of ending up in a whole different world can be pretty daunting. Just imagine traveling to a land where animals can talk and creatures you'd never thought could exist actually do. The whole idea is a little terrifying! But, it would also be an amazing experience. So, with that in mind, we just have to ask; what would you want to see if you were a cat that stepped out of a storybook into OUR world? Would you want to see New York City? The Grand Canyon? Maybe the Great Wall of China? There are so many great options that in order to narrow this down, you have to think like a cat. What would this kitty like? Cats like fish, mice, playing... Playing with string... Woah. We've got it, we know what you'd want to see. The world's biggest ball of twine in Kansas! That would make for one fantastic trip for this curious cat. FUN DETAILSThis Plus Size Sassy Storybook Cat Costume has a pink and purple dress with adjustable shoulder straps, so that you will be comfortable no matter what adventure you embark on. The neckline and hemline are lined with pink faux fur, and there is a tail with a bow sewn on the back. It's these little touches that really help you get in the mindset! To top it all off, the faux fur covered headband comes with two little kitty ears sewn on top. THINK LIKE A CATWhen you get your costume, if you find yourself having a hard time getting into your cat character, just ask yourself questions like the ones we asked above! Like, what would this cat do if it met a talking rabbit? Or, what would this cat's favorite meal be? Questions like this can help you develop your character, and help you have even more fun with your time as a Wonderland cat. 

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