Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume For Women by FUN Costumes
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Sexy Wonderland Cat Costume For Women by FUN Costumes

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SUCH A WONDERFUL CURIOSITYThere is a special joy in being mischevious.  Those glorious moments when you know more than the folks you're talking to, and they know you know something... but they just can't figure it out!  Whether it comes from a well placed and sneaky smirk or perhaps a few subtle words with a secret meaning buried in innuendo and intrigue, it is bound to drive people crazy no matter who they are!That's the real reason that sometimes you need to toss people down the rabbit hole and watch them try to dig their way out.  Of course, people don't just dive in on their own.  It takes something intriguing to make them head that way.  Now, it's clear that you've already got a number of tricks up your sleeve.  But, that's the first place people look!  We've got to find a way to disguise that even further.FUN DETAILSNow, we can take lessons from a number of different tales that have been told and put together a really compelling story.  Turn your page over to this Sexy Storybook Cat Costume and just grin as their eyes go buggy!  We begin with a jersey knit purple and pink striped dress with adjustable shoulders and a neck and hemline ridged with faux pink fur.  And, what cat look is complete without fuzzy ears and a teasing tail!?  Well, not this one, you best believe, so you'll be enjoying those features, too!  GET THEM CURIOUS, THEN POUNCEEveryone knows that the cat is the most curious and mischievous of all animals.  But, when you add in all those unexpected conventions and then wrap it all up into an evening of tricks and treats, you get the power to make them really wonder what is going on!  Show a brand new take on the sexy cat outfit and drive everyone mad!

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