Split Personality Villain Costume For Men by Charades
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Split Personality Villain Costume For Men by Charades

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Order or chaos?Don’t get us started, we can hardly decide between cats or dogs, vanilla or chocolate, or even apples or oranges. Normally, to make any of those sort of big life decisions we just leave up to the flip of a coin. If you have the same problem with decision-making and it’s driving you absolutely mad than feel free to resort to drastic measures. Become a supervillain! It’s the perfect solution to this indecisiveness you constantly fall victim too.Now, if you want to dive into the world of crime as a supervillain then you need to have a very distinguished and disturbing new look. Might we suggest something? Take a look at this Split Personality Villain Costume! With this eerie ensemble, you’ll look as sinister as you do suave. Will you be a corrupt club owner making money under the table? Would you just lead a gang of hooligans on a tour of bank robberies? Perhaps you’ll join a league of evil and take over the world! No matter what path of villainy you follow, you can bet that there will be plenty of decisions for you to make, so be sure to carry your lucky coin with you! Sometimes true justice is as simple as a flip of a coin.A Design that's not so Black and WhiteThe pants and jacket are black on the right side and a menacing purple with a tiger print on the left side. There is also a button down shirt that is white on the right and black with metallic swirls on the left side. The pants are designed with an elastic waistline. The tie is included and is half red and half black. It fastens with ribbons around the neck.A Yes or a No?Introduce a whole new level of villainy when you enter the Halloween parties in this Split Personality Villain Costume. Will you be civil or psychotic? Who knows, certainly not you! Leave it all up to a quick coin flip.

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