Springy Mistletoe Holiday Headband by Elope
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Springy Mistletoe Holiday Headband by Elope

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Everyone knows that when you're caught under the Mistletoe you get a smoocharoo! Yes, this tradition can be traced back beyond the middle ages. People saw that the vibrant plant stayed green throughout the winter and they thought, "Hey, bet that helps with fertility!". So, logically they started hanging the bows in halls during the winter festivities to encourage a romantic atmosphere.  Now, these days fertility might be the last thing on your mind when you see a sprig of Mistletoe but that doesn't mean the greenery doesn't inspire some good old-fashioned smooching! And once you have this Mistletoe headband you'll have the power to conduct the energy in the room. The soft plant dangles in front of your face to set people up in a not-so-subtle way. In so many ways, since you're the one wearing the seasonally colored head gear, you'll be the one puckering up the most. Hey, there's nothing like smooching to get people into a holly jolly spirit!  

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