Star Wars Jedi Padawan Braid by Rubies Costume Co. Inc
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Star Wars Jedi Padawan Braid by Rubies Costume Co. Inc

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The path to true wisdom and gaining the robes of a Jedi Master is a long road.  Not only must one begin by being found by the Jedi Order and taken in as a Youngling that demonstrates strong Force Sensitivity, but the child must also graduate through a long series of difficult trials just to be taken by a Jedi as their Padawan learner!  It’s quite a stressful situation, but learning how to overcome that stress is yet another part of the trials!Fortunately, we think that your tyke has some serious potential that might warrant skipping all the conventional Youngling training.  You’ve got a great job and it is time to grant your tyke this marker of their next step towards Jedi Mastery:  the Star Wars Jedi Padawan Braid.  Most recognized on the young training of a certain Obi-Wan, this braid is a marker of blending all the training from the early days together and showing how strength is formed by that application!  Or something like that, anyway!  Yoda tried to explain it, but it just looks so cool! 

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