Star Wars Solo Nerf Han Solo Blaster by Nerf
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Star Wars Solo Nerf Han Solo Blaster by Nerf

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Who Has the Worst Job in the Galaxy?The janitor at the Mos Eisley Cantina has the worst job in the galaxy. Just think about it. Rowdy characters roll into the place every day. They start fights constantly. No one seems to care, except the janitor. One second everyone is enjoying some music and the next Greedo is getting shot by a smuggler in booth 7.Who do you think has to clean up that mess? Han Solo? Not a chance. He just drops a few coins on the table and strolls out the door on his merry way. No, the poor janitor has to go in there and clean up Han's mess after scuffles like that. We bet that guy wishes that Han Solo (and all the other patrons) were carrying Nerf guns instead of real blasters.Fun DetailsThis Star Wars Solo Nerf Blaster is a toy version of Han's weapon from the movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story. It shoots standard foam Nerf darts and comes with 4 Star Wars themed ones. It has a bright orange color scheme to clearly mark it as a toy. They're much safer than actual blaster bolts! Just prime the gun and pull the trigger to send foam darts flying at your enemies! Whether you use it to complete your Han Solo cosplay, or you decide to give it to your child so they can begin their career as a smuggler, this is the perfect toy accessory!Less of a MessWe bet that the Mos Eisley janitor would much rather clean up a few Nerf darts than a blasted Greedo any day!

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