Suitmeister Basic Pumpkin Suit Costume For Men by Suitmeister
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Suitmeister Basic Pumpkin Suit Costume For Men by Suitmeister

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There are two things in this world that speak volumes in class: a man’s suit, and a spooky jack-o'-lantern. The suit is a testament to the permanence of men’s style, a fashion that has essentially gone unaltered for hundreds of years owing to the perfection with which it drapes itself around a man’s body. The chest is made prouder owing to the suit jacket’s handsome lapels and broad shoulders. The legs turn into statuesque columns of splendor with the tapering lines it imposes on their wearer’s figure. The tie, a vestige of the days we spent going to battle, speaks confidence and ferocity without surrendering civilized sophistication in exchange. But why is the jack-o'-lantern the pinnacle of masculinity? We’re not entirely sure, but believe us, it does. It might be its glowing, toothy grin. Maybe it’s the incandescence of the flickering votive within it. It could even be that it’s made out of a pumpkin, a fruit long understood to represent virility due to the bounty of seeds within it. How perfect then that our SuitMeister Basic Pumpkin Suit for Men should so splendidly unite these two paragons of style. With this suit you’ll set yourself a bar higher than the typical Halloween party goer. You’ll be a suave, collected fellow who knows how to pay homage to a festive occasion without trading in his suit to do so. This fine number comes with matching pants, jacket, and tie, and it’s slim fit so as not to obscure your Herculean physique. Go own the night, tiger.

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