Suitmeister Men'S Rainbow Suit Costume by Suitmeister
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Suitmeister Men'S Rainbow Suit Costume by Suitmeister

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No Color Left OutLook at all of the marvelous colors! Where do we even begin?There’s red, the bad boy of the spectrum visible light—bold, passionate, and unapologetic. Then, there’s orange. Orange is the tangy cousin of red who promotes warm tropical vibes. Don’t forget about yellow, the fine ray of sunshine who always tries to cheer everyone up. Then, we have green. Green is the color that’s always trying wants to go hiking in the woods and helps everyone stay connected to nature. Blue is the cool friend who chills in the corner of the jazz club, taking in all the smooth vibes. Indigo and Violet are the enigmatic purple pair of siblings who can get into all of the high-class parties.Each color is beautiful in their own way! Those colors are almost like your friends and you’d never want to leave any of them out. So, why don’t you bring all of them to the party?Fun DetailsWith this Rainbow Suitmeister Suit, you get to hang out with all of your favorite colors! The adult suit comes with a jacket, a pair of pants, and a matching tie. Each piece is made from a rainbow fabric that has red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet stripes. The jacket is a two-button, casual style and the pants have a belt loop and zip-fly. The tie is a tie-it-yourself kind of tie, so make sure you brush up on your Windsor not (or make friends with someone who does know how to tie it).Colors of PrideIf you love all the colors of the rainbow equally, then you’re going to love this suit. It’s brimming all of the colors you need to shine and it also makes for the perfect outfit to the next Pride Parade.

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