Super Troopers State Trooper Costume by FUN Costumes
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Super Troopers State Trooper Costume by FUN Costumes

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Let the Shenanigans Begin!Are you a fan of playing fun pranks on those around you? Bring a smirk of joy to the rest of your friends and even and eventual chuckle to the one that you've tricked? Of course! There's a ton of fun to be had with light and cheeky tricks played for the good of the team. That's what we call a solid shenanigan, here, and the Vermont State officers of Super Troopers know exactly the kinds of fun pranks to play to keep things light-hearted. But, you've gotta make sure that you don't cross a line from cheeky to cruel. Farva, for example, is a tough guy to deal with. One prank too many will send this guy into a fit and all of a sudden you're dealing with stuff that nobody is prepared for... and who wants to be yelled at by the captain!? So, it is up to you: what kind of prank player will you be? Will you be the good-natured butt of the joke like Roto? How about fostering some careful thought like Foster? Fun DetailsFind out just who your spirit trooper would be when you slip into this officially licensed look put together by our own team of practical jokesters! Fear not. Our design team isn't pulling any pranks on you with this Super Trooper costume. Part of our line of Made by Us costumes, this full ensemble is comfy to wear and does a great job of replicating your favorite patrolman comedy. You've got a shirt and pant combo detailed to look like the characters' uniforms. The shirt pairs with patches as well as a removable plastic badge so you can choose which character you want to be. The felt trooper hat and tie complete your official look!Evil Shenanigans! No matter what happens, these troopers are a team. Even Farva eventually comes around once he's done with his slightly more malicious form of get-back-at-them pranks! Better yet, join up with several Trooper friends and take on the Mounties for the sequel! 

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