Swedish Fish Costume For Adults by FUN Costumes
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Swedish Fish Costume For Adults by FUN Costumes

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The Best Fish in the SeaWhen most fishermen head out to cast their nets, they're expecting to catch something that'll take a lot of work to prepare before they get a meal. You've got to debone, clean, and then cook everything from Halibut to Cod. But we have a feeling that a lot more people would sail the ocean for their food if catching this gigantic Swedish Fish was an option! Just imagine reeling in a delicious gummy fish with a mysterious flavor and perfectly chewy texture. You might not even get a picture with it before your fishing buddy takes a bite! A vegan sweet treat, this gummy is an unexpected favorite for every occasion from going to the theater to road trips! Do you want to celebrate the best fish in the sea for your next costumed event? Well, pal, you're in the right place!Details & DesignOfficially licensed, this Swedish Fish costume was designed by our creative team to be instantly recognizable by snack enthusiasts worldwide! The tunic has foam backing to support the dome-like head, fin, and tail that creates the shape we all know and crave. A bright red color is printed with "Swedish" as well as the patterns that are molded onto the candy. with open tunic sides, you can layer anything you like underneath this costume, making it a costume that can be reused again and again. A Great CatchNot many people turn to their favorite snacks when they're trying to think up a Halloween costume. Not you, you know where to cast your net! This bright costume is durable enough to last through multiple Halloweens and is cheerful enough to be worn for promotional events and parades. Pair up with other candy costumes to create a group or rock this tunic solo to prove that you're the very best fish in the sea!

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