T-Rex Fossil Costume For Kids by Princess Paradise
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T-Rex Fossil Costume For Kids by Princess Paradise

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THE CUTEST FOSSILS SCIENTISTS HAVE EVER SEENBreaking news:  After years of searching, paleontologists have uncovered what might be the most important prehistoric discovery of all time.  This one beats all the others.  Who cares about the missing link?  Proof of the connection between modern birds and dinosaurs?  Undisputable evidence of evolution or the mysterious inner workings of creation?  Bah!  Olds news!  Hardly room for it on the back pages of the papers!We're talking about the grand find of the miniature tyrannosaurus!  Can you even imagine!?  There they were, crawling through old ruins and dusting off one layer of dust off the next layer and there it was.  At first, the scientific community was certain it was just a baby or perhaps the most recent hoax left behind by the faeries that still think we should be giving them more attention.  But, the new age has begun.FUN DETAILSJoin in this exciting time and bring your kiddo along with this Kid's T-Rex Fossil Costume.  The zipper closure jumpsuit is made of comfortable and warm polyester and colored a rich black throughout to better show off the shining white of the tyrannosaur's brilliant bones.  Your tot's stuffed tail will be practically wagging while they flail their little front arms and the foot covers ensure your tyke's footy phalanges are well disguised.  But, it's the polyfoam hood that's the real star of this get-up.FANTASTICALLY JURASSIC Everyone loves a good dinosaur experience, but nobody can argue with the fact that the smaller they are, the cuter they're going to be.  So, prepare to let out some serious screams when you see your little one rush into the room and let out a tyrannosauric roar in this fossil hooded jumpsuit.  You'll want to get some little matching raptors to join in the Jurassic rampage because this is going to be better than any park!  

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