Teletubbies Dipsy Sunglasses by Hip Hop Wholesale
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Teletubbies Dipsy Sunglasses by Hip Hop Wholesale

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Tubby ShadesJust to be clear, we're not using the slang form of "shade." Dipsy the Teletubby is not "throwing shade" at you or being "shady" by any means. For example, he's not giving you the side-eye while you go for your third helping of Tubby Custard. (Go ahead, treat yourself!) Dipsy and his Tubby kinfolk are oblivious to the newer, hip definition of shade. They don't throw the trendy colloquialism around while they jibber-jabber in a their little huddle. The only type of "shade" the Teletubbies know is running into their grass-covered mound to seek coverage from the Baby Sun's powerful ultra-violet rays... until now.Now when Dipsy wants to shield his lime-skin and big eyes from the cooing Baby Sun he wears his trusty Dipsy Sunglasses. Perfect for UV ray protection, this officially licensed product is also a great accessory to pair with a Teletubby costume.FUN DetailsThese Teletubbies Dipsy sunglasses also double as a type of plastic half-mask since the antennae and ears cover the majority of your face. The mirrored amber lenses are shatter-resistant and provide 100% UV protection so not even the powerful Baby Sun can "throw shade" your way!Dipsy Hat!If you can find a black and white cowhide top hat to pair with these shades, you'll have a top-notch Tubby look. And if anyone says otherwise? Well, now you know how to throw some shade their way!                 

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