The Lord Of The Rings Middle Earth Map 3D Puzzle by 4D Cityscape
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The Lord Of The Rings Middle Earth Map 3D Puzzle by 4D Cityscape

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There and Back AgainThe journey that Frodo and his faithful friends take bring the meaning of "epic" to a whole new level. Thinking about their trials and tribulations almost makes your family road trip to the Grand Canyon seem a little tame. We said almost, they didn't have to deal with car sick kids and a dog that must have gotten into something on day two. The thing is, after watching the movies or reading the books, it can be tricky to keep all the locations involved straight. Unless you've got a map in front of you, how are you supposed to remember where Gondor is in relation to Angmar and even then which unforgettable landmark goes with each kingdom? Well, if you're a full-blown Tolkien fan, maybe you have this all memorized. If not, this puzzle is a fun and interactive way to get to know the Middle Earth adventure on a whole new level!Product DetailsWith over a thousand pieces, you'll have plenty of time to discuss the ins and outs of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with both new Tolkien fans and die-hard followers. And once you're done with the intricately printed map portion, the fun isn't done. Highlight important geographical and manmade features and landmarks with topographic markers, informative flags that pair with the booklet, and buildings such as the fortress of Mordor. Made for ages fourteen and up, it's the perfect way to get the next generation into the books!Middle Earth GPSNext time you're imagining the route you would take to Mordor from the Shire (as we do) you'll have a better idea of where the mountain ranges lie and how to avoid that creepy forest of living trees. Because until Google does an all-inclusive map of Middle Earth, this one is the best interactive map on the market. And when you do finally take that journey, remember to pack plenty of lembas bread!

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