Toddler Chip Deluxe Costume by Disguise
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Toddler Chip Deluxe Costume by Disguise

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"Back to the cupboard with you now, Chip. It's past your bedtime." Who's the most important unsung hero of the original Beauty and the Beast? It's Chip, the brave little teacup. We often overlook the actions of the courageous china dish. He sneaks into Belle's knapsack, setting her and her father free when the situation looked dire. Why would anyone else get the credit for Belle getting to the castle in the knick of time? In our opinion, little Chip deserves to go back to the cupboard as late as he wants. He's a hero, after all!Chip is not only a hero, he's also quite mischevious. A curse from a beautiful sorceress couldn't stop Chip from enjoying the palace life. He slid around the marble floors and down polished banisters, exploring every knick and cranny. Even doing the dishes can be plenty of fun, well it makes sense, Chip is an actual dish, after all. We can imagine Chip diving into the suds, doing what he does best: blowing bubbles. Your kiddo will love channeling the whimsical, happy Chip in this adorable costume.The transformation to magical China dish is actually quite easy! The tunic slips over your child's head with armholes and a wide opening for your child's legs to allow for any rough and tumble teacup mischief. The foam tunic has a base with a pink, purple, and blue pattern. The torso is made up of a white, curving body with Chip's happy smile and inquisitive gaze. The handle attaches with touch strips to make up the nose, so when it's time to go back to the cupboard, taking apart and storing this costume will be no trouble at all!

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