Toddler Chunk Costume From The Goonies by FUN Costumes
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Toddler Chunk Costume From The Goonies by FUN Costumes

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There are so many great things about Steven Spielberg’s beloved classic, “The Goonies,” that it’s really hard for us to pick out our favorite—but we’d have to go with Chunk.Chunk was the bumbling comic relief of the Goonies ensemble, and he was truly hilarious. He always had a Baby Ruth (or two, or three…) in his pocket, and he introduced us all to the wonder of the “Truffle Shuffle.” But Chunk wasn’t just a pudgy, pratfalling sidekick. He actually helped the Goonies find the pirate treasure in many ways, from discovering the tunnel underneath the Fratellis’ restaurant to befriending Sloth, who saved the day in the end. Without Chunk, the Goonies would have been sunk! He truly is an underappreciated guy who deserves a little less teasing and a little more love.If you want to share your love of Chunk with the next generation, start with this Goonies Toddler Chunk costume. The officially licensed costume looks just like Chunk’s outfit from the movie! Movie Chunk certainly had a crazy fashion sense (as most people did in the 1980s), with lots of clashing prints and colors. This costume is just like that: an orange hooded jacket, plaid pants, and a Hawaiian button-up shirt. There’s even a knitted ski cap just like his! The plaid slacks are comfortable thanks to an elastic waistband and the orange jacket will keep your little guy warm while he collects Baby Ruth Bars. Now, all you have to do is teach him the Truffle Shuffle!

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