Toddler North American Eagle Costume by FUN Costumes
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Toddler North American Eagle Costume by FUN Costumes

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Focused AttentionYour child shows amazing concentration. Honestly, we have never seen anything like it. While other toddlers spend their time bouncing from one activity to the next, without finishing anything (including a single meal or sentence), yours can sit down and do an entire floor puzzle without stopping. Mac n' cheese? They eat it noodle by noodle, slow and methodical until the bowl is empty. Getting dressed in the morning isn't a chaotic rampage through every dresser drawer, no; your child calmly lays out their clothes the night before. Wow. That's...incredible. We've never heard of anything like that. A toddler that has laser-sharp focus and an ability to commit fully to a task is a rare sight, indeed. We say you should encourage this behavior and buy your kiddo this Child Bald Eagle Toddler Costume for their next dress-up occasion. It's cozy, cute, patriotic, and symbolic of your kid's rare charm and concentration, just like an eagle chasing its prey!Fun DetailsThey say birds of a feather flock together, so your little eagle belongs in this suit! It may look like one piece, but it's actually a long-sleeved shirt and cropped pants, both in faux fur! The eagle hood has a collar and fastens under the chin. Yellow knee socks and matching felt "claw" shoe covers brighten the look and appear authentic—your kiddo can't be an eagle in high-tops, can they? Now all they needs is a new task to learn and they'll be happy for hours on end! Odd, but adorable!Wing SpanGetting your toddler this outfit will help them feel like they can soar through life! Encourage their independence—and that keen attention—with this cozy and clever costume that shows them just what its like to fly high, focus in, and feel carefree!

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