Two Left Feet Taco Tuesday Women'S Hipster Underwear by Two Left Feet
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Two Left Feet Taco Tuesday Women'S Hipster Underwear by Two Left Feet

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High Stakes SnacksYou and your best friend have a bit of a bet going to discern who is the most taco-crazy and test your resolve: you each have to abstain from tacos as long as possible. The person who holds out longest is the winner. And this is no gentleman's bet...there are high stakes for the winner! Well, ok then! We honestly have NO idea why anyone in their right mind would willingly give up eating tacos, but we're here to root you on in all of your endeavors. Oh, the prize is that the loser buys the winner's tacos for the next year? Mmm...ok, we're in. We support you! In order to best the competition, you'll need a strategy. Something to replace your daily dose of tortillas, taco seasoning, sour cream, and cheese, but that technically doesn't violate the rules of the bet. Something like these Two Left Feet Taco Tuesday Women's Hipster Underwear!Fun DetailsWhen worn, this punchy pair of underwear will leave the wearer feeling fun, festive, and satiated. That's because their orange base and all over taco print take the edge off a taco-less existence, while the cotton construction and hint of stretch prove comfy enough for daily activity. Given that you'll need your taco fix daily, you'll want to purchase several pairs.And the Winner Is...You, naturally! Your pal won't know how you've built up such resolve. Don't worry, it'll be our little secret. Just invite us out for tacos sometime soon.

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