Vikings Adult Floki Costume by FUN Costumes
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Vikings Adult Floki Costume by FUN Costumes

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Mad SkillsWhen you are pretty sure that you're descended from the god of tricksters, Loki himself, you're bound to have a handful of excentricities that make you either insanely popular or crazy annoying to the other locals. In fact, it might be a good idea to live a little outside the village and devote yourself to some kind of art. That'll do wonders to distract you while you're working on a project and, even better, gives you an excuse to pull your pranks without getting into trouble. That's what makes Floki one of our favorite characters on the History Channel's hit series, Vikings. How can you not love a guy whose first appearance is in a spooky mask and some seriously on point face paint, especially when he leaps out to freak the Odinson out of a kiddo!? That's not all, though. This guy has his thumb on the pulse of Norse mythology, can craft boats that literally open the world to our would-be raiders, and can tell one heck of a pun! Design & DetailsTime to really let your costume shine when you step into history and wear this authentic Floki costume, officially licensed from Vikings. This ensemble has a matching pair of green pants and a long-sleeved shirt that serve as the comfortable forest camouflage of our prized boat-builder. The vest is sleeveless and made of multi-colored faux leather for a worn look. The long belt ties in the front for a genuine look. Best yet, the whole design was put together by our in-house team as part of our Made by Us costume line for a great blend of comfort and long-lasting fun.Heck of a Trip!Make sure that there is no doubt about your Loki-lineage when you reveal that you're also chosen by the gods... to make amazing vessels and provide endless entertainment along the way! It's Floki's time to shine!

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