Vikings Men'S Ragnar Lothbrok Costume by FUN Costumes
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Vikings Men'S Ragnar Lothbrok Costume by FUN Costumes

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Nothing Subtle about RagnarThere are some names that just have a powerful connection with a particular kind of person. 'Timmy' brings to mind a kindly little guy who might inspire folks to be better people. 'Dennis' seems to call folks towards a profession in dentistry while 'Laura' harkens to a life of the lawyer. Now, we don't really subscribe to all of that nominative determinism and implicit egotism stuff that a name instantly creates a prophecy that simply has to be fulfilled, but...When you've got a name like Ragnar, it is unlikely that anyone thinks that you're a quiet or timid type of character! That's a hero's name. Probably. It is at least the name of a trouble-maker who is bound to make some pretty surprising things happen around the clan. You're definitely going to capture the attention of the Jarl and that might be really good... or really bad... but it is definitely going to be very, very interesting! Fun DetailsGet ahead of this Name Game and show everyone what kind of Ragnar you can be when you step into the shoes (or more literally the costume) of the main protagonist of Vikings. This officially licensed Ragnar Lothbrok costume is a Made by Us exclusive, designed by our in-house design team to make you feel just like the epic character. You'll begin with an embossed tunic and a matching belt detailed to look like you've survived a few fights. The pants have an elastic waist and boot covers fit easily over your shoes, though both look like authentic pieces of medieval wear! (Gotta have you living up to your name, after all!)In the Name of Odin!Once you get yourself geared up in this Ragnar Lothbrok costume, you'll feel just like the Vikings hero. Proudly proclaim your name to all and get ready to feel what it is like to be Odin's chosen. 

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