Vintage Baseball Costume For Men by FUN Costumes
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Vintage Baseball Costume For Men by FUN Costumes

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TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME...If you're like many of us in the office, you have had a number of daydreams about being an all-star sports star.  Sure, watching the games on the television or making it to one of games or training camps can give you that solid step towards making that dream come true, but there are only so many spots available on each of the teams.  Obviously, that's the main reason that we're not making the team, ourselves. But, there are other ways to get your vicarious sportsmanship game on that doesn't have to involve racing onto the field, yourself.  In fact, with the right perspective, you can even join the hall of fame and stand as one of the mighty players in the Hall of Fame of America's Favorite Past-time.  All you need is to get your vintage game on!  FUN DETAILSNaturally, our office wizards keep the time portals active at all times for situations just like this one.  With a little chrono-magic work, we've got this Men's Vintage Baseball Costume available.  This polyester interlock knicker-style pant and matching shirt feature cream fabric and gray pinstripes that'll practically give you the black and white look of the Before Time.  The rounded neckline and rollable long-sleeves match the vintage style and the baseball cap with appliqued "B" will transport you to the most historic games of all time.  TAKE ME OUT WITH THE CROWD!Get your bat, glove, and ball ready, because it is game time.  And, we'll make sure it is the best game by vicariously experiencing the best moments in baseball history with the vintage look that will put you right into the Hall of Fame.  Make sure you call your home runs, because you're bound to get plenty of them when you start channeling Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio at your festive gatherings.  Or, just maybe, you heard that somebody built it, so it's time for you to show up!    

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