Waitress Costume 2 Broke Girls by FUN Costumes
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Waitress Costume 2 Broke Girls by FUN Costumes

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SO SAD YOU HAVE TO LAUGHFinding a way to eek out a good life despite a constant run of poverty hardly seems like the perfect setting for comedic glory, but at least it is a place that many of us can relate!  Humor in familiarity, they say.  Well, there's also the ability to make fun of yourselves that helps to elevate you right out of the mire and into the realm of success!  And who is better at giving a pointed and sarcastic view on the constant ups and downs of finances than Max from 2 Broke Girls?  Between restaurant waiting and the periodically successful or miserable failings of cupcakes, the joy of the journey is always the thing to remember!  And, failing that, you can at last look amazing... which Max would be happy to point out! FUN DETAILSGet your guns ready for some epic success... or perhaps to fall flat on your face.  But, when you're geared up in this 2 Broke Girls Waitress Costume, you'll be guaranteed a few good laughs, even if they are at yourself.  This officially licensed short sleeved dress has a wing collar and a self-fabric low cut apron.  Choose if you're more a Max or Caroline and get ready to serve up some cupcake realness while you work towards the ultimate $250,000 goal!  Hey, they made it before.  Maybe you'll luck out!IT'S ALL ABOUT THOSE CUPCAKESThere isn't much glamour in trying to wait tables, we admit, but when it is a path to obtaining the shop of your dreams where you can show off your perfect cupcakes and makes sure that you land a nest egg that will rocket you out of the poor farm and into the land of milk and honey, it's definitely the way to go!  And, you'll be able to enjoy some great laughs along the way.  

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