White Sailor Child Costume by FUN Costumes
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White Sailor Child Costume by FUN Costumes

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Call It Like You Sea ItWhen your kiddo was little, you practically had to drag ‘em out of the bath. The water, the toy boats, the plastic dolphins and sharks--it was simply too much fun before bedtime! Back then, you wondered if you had a tiny seafarer on your hands. Maybe it’s a phase you thought to yourself, nightly. But now, you can sea the truth plain and clear.Because here you are, years later, and your cute kid still spends hours wondering over the marvels of the ocean. Time flies, doesn’t it? In light of this mounting evidence, we think you should probably accept that your child is destined to travel the high seas. Better yet, why not encourage that lifelong dream with this White Sailor Kids Costume? It’s guaranteed to have your son or daughter doing a happy dance as they hurry through the neighborhood, gathering a worthy crew for their first adventure onboard!Fun DetailsEvery good sailor knows that the easiest way to spot a “worthy” mate is to look at their outfit. No one will second-guess that your kid is the real deal in this long-sleeved pullover shirt that boasts classic stripes of navy blue ribbon on the collar and cuffs. The shirt also features a sewn-in navy necktie, while the pants have an elastic waistband for ease and comfort while keeping watch in the crow’s nest or swabbing the deck. No sailor is complete without a hat (duh), and this one has a padded brim for a perfectly held shape, voyage after voyage.Better Than Bath TimeSo the next time you find your little one climbing up to the roof to keep an eye out for the approaching shore, encourage them to a) come down (that’s dangerous!) and b) try on this sailor suit for size. We can’t guarantee it will totally quench your kiddo’s thirst for seafaring, but we feel confident it will help bring life their wave-loving, wandering imagination, just like bath time used to do!

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