Wide Pin Stripe Gangster Costume For Men by FUN Costumes
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Wide Pin Stripe Gangster Costume For Men by FUN Costumes

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An Underground OperationYes, we really loved your newest home-brewed IPA. You nailed the balance of hops and malt, just the right amount of floral notes, not too heavy, just strong enough. You’re really robbing everyone’s attention at those neighborhood barbeques. But you know what would add just a touch of edge to your basement brews? Sporting this Men’s Wide Stripe Gangster Suit, of course! Just imagine how much fun it could be: your homebrew hobby is no longer just a cool side project, it’s a bootlegging operation, hidden from the scrutinous eyes of Eliot Ness himself.  In this outfit, you can swill your booze, pass it among friends with furtive glances, and enhance the flavor profile with just a touch of illegality. If you really want, you can even talk with exaggerated gangster attitude, and make bold claims like, “They ain’t never gonna catch the The Pale Ale Prince.”  We’re assuming that’s the nickname you’ll be giving yourself. It’s pretty good, right? Right? Fun DetailsJust like the best suits, this black jacket boasts classic white stripes and comes with matching pants for the full tough guy look. Also included is a black shirt front with attached white necktie—the perfect formality for sharing off your crafted beers at a party. The black and white contrast will surely provide just the right amount of flair every time you have a new seasonal ale for your friends to test out. If you really want to step up your bootlegging game, feel free to accessorize with a toy Tommy gun and gangster hat.  Don’t Let it Get to Your HeadWith this outfit, we just know that your homebrew operation is going to blow up at any minute. You’ll be supplying every speakeasy across your tri-state area. Or, you know, you’ll at least be pretty popular at those neighborhood get togethers. Either way, don’t let it get to your head, Prince. We’ve heard that things tend to go belly up when they grow too big, too fast ‘round these parts. Don’t get caught sleeping with the fishes—just have fun adding just that little bit of edge to your already excellent operation.  

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