Women'S Aladdin Animated Jasmine Prestige Costume by Disguise
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Women'S Aladdin Animated Jasmine Prestige Costume by Disguise

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Carpet Not IncludedMost people have had a princess daydream or two in their lifetime. And all the princesses have appealing parts of their tales. Belle has access to that amazing library and a gold dress that's to die for. Snow White conquered tiny house living before it was cool. Cinderella has birds and mice that are willing to act as seamstresses. And we really wouldn't mind having Tiana's skills in the kitchen. But when it comes down to it, nothing can beat a tour of the world on a flying carpet! Scooping up clouds like cotton candy and swerving through some of the most iconic sites would beat singing with woodland birds any day! Plus, when it comes down to it, Jasmine not only climbs walls, she does parkour without missing a beat. Yeah, when it comes to adventure, Jasmine knows what's up. Are you ready to start your very own Aladdin style outing? Do it in style when you slip into this gorgeous Jasmine costume!Costume DetailsThis turquoise ensemble is instantly recognizable from Disney's animated Aladdin. The billowy pants are trimmed in scrolling gold fabric and have a sheer overskirt that fulfills your childhood dress-up daydreams. The belly shirt also has gold trim as well as beaded fringe for extra fun. Sheer sleeves that match the overskirt will add even more Aladdin style wonder to your look while the headband will prove that, indeed, you are anything but a street mouse!Que the soundtrackAny Disney costume will always be a lot of fun. But it's important to choose a costume that comes with a great soundtrack. And really, how can you beat A Whole New World when you break into song at your next costumed event. No one will blame you, actually, they'll probably join in. And who can blame them? After all, your wish is their command!

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