Womens Heartbroken Clown Costume by Charades
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Womens Heartbroken Clown Costume by Charades

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Unrequited LoveIt’s happened again. You came out of your shell, dared to be emotionally vulnerable, and ended up with another broken heart. Your beau-to-be, the knife-thrower in your travelling circus, no longer returns your affections. Life can be a gut-wrenching carnival ride, but why give into stuffy social norms and stifle your emotions? Don’t let this break-up get you down, but don’t hide the way you feel either.  Your clown routine is the most popular act in the show—and it’ll be even more sensational once you’re through with it! It’s time to make some changes.FUN DetailsPut away the bright red nose and the cheerful grinning aesthetic. Circus-goers are over that tired old cliche anyway! Shirt, bloomer, socks, and collar- all will be the mournful black of the storm-clouds hovering over your love-life. Your new ensemble will pull no punches, you’re going be honest with your art! Black Pom Poms and lace trim will show the audience that you’re not the carefree clown you once were. The delightfully ironic that will let them know you’re still serious about clowning, and the black balloons will be the perfect melancholy cherry on the top of your new persona. Your fans are going to appreciate your new routine in its emotional honesty and vision—you’ll be hailed across the country as the next big face in the clown game (and a frowning face at that!).New BeginningsBesides ironing out a few details you’re all set for your new routine. Now all you have to do is dodge the awkward glances of your former sweetheart and delete their number from your giant shoe-shaped phone. Oh, and return their CDs, which are somewhere in the house-sized backseat of your clown car. Your love may have faded, but the heartbreak has inspired your art, a new routine, a new costume, and a new you!

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