Women'S Pinata Costume by FUN Costumes
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Women'S Pinata Costume by FUN Costumes

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Star of the PartyNow, when we were growing up as kids, we were always excited to see the colorfully created object that we just knew was going to be full of sweets.  Blindfolded up and swinging pointlessly in an effort to connect with the donkey, horse, monkey, or whatever other crazy forms it might choose to take.  We never hit it, obviously.  The thing knows how to dodge very well.  Well, we've all grown up and we're no longer needing to blindly swat at objects in order to get our candy.  That's what credit cards and grocery stores are for!  But, we still are looking for the fun of trying to spot that amazing pinata and try to be the win that wins some time with her.  There's just a slightly different outcome nowadays.  FUN DETAILSTransform yourself into the object of desire with this Pinata Costume for Women.  This royal blue sleeveless tank dress is crazy comfortable and even crazierly colorful thanks to the multiple tiers of attached streamer-like strips of cloth.  The back of the dress features a 'tail' comprised of the same strips of cloth while the headpiece offers you bright fringe and two stuffed horns.  The included boot tops and fringe gloves complete the look by transforming your shoes into vivid hooves.DECIDE WHO GETS TO WIN THE SWEETSYou get to become the exclusive power over the confections in the house, now.  Obviously, nobody is going to come at you with a stick, so modern society demands that they instead wait on pins and needles for the ultimate decree.  And, in the meantime, they can just be dazzled by the prismatic array of colors that follow you wherever you go thanks to this astounding transformation.  That said, we're still not totally sure which animal you are... so when you decide, let us know! 

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