Women'S Plus I Love Lucy Lucy Costume by FUN Costumes
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Women'S Plus I Love Lucy Lucy Costume by FUN Costumes

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A Crimson CrownThere are a lot of types of royalty in the world's history and most of them have had a few issues. They rarely get along particularly well with their public while they are in power. If a parliament takes over, they become a strange sort of celebrity that seems to try extra hard to keep the curtains drawn so they can enjoy their privacy. Fictional rulers are either tyrants that are eventually brought to a bitter end or may be graceful leaders that are ultimately taken down by a wicked force of evil. It's just tough!But, there is one queen that continues to reign long after she departed us and may always command our hearts and lift our spirits. That, of course, is the queen of comedy, Lucille Ball! What better name could there have been for her show than "I Love Lucy?" Well, maybe We Love Lucy could have been a hint more accurate. Until that comes around, we do have another way to show your lasting allegiance to the queen with a crown of vivid red hair! Fun DetailsOur design team puts all their effort into creating the very best Made by Us costumes, but we think they've gone the extra mile on this officially licensed I Love Lucy costume. This costume is a black and white polka dot dress styled after Lucy's house frock look from her show. It features a built-in apron and several additional details to really bring the love. A starched white collar and a matching hem on the sleeves accent the dress while the apron features an I Love Lucy heart and red ribbons. Complete the look with a Lucy wig if you're not already graced with a red crown yourself! Queen of the BsIf you aren't into the idea of just being an amazing and beloved member of sitcom royalty, remember that Lucille Ball also starred in all the best B-movies. So, add another title to the reasons We Love Lucy! 

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