Womens Sexy Ghostbusters Plus Size Costume by Rubies Costume Co. Inc
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Womens Sexy Ghostbusters Plus Size Costume by Rubies Costume Co. Inc

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It's odd that with all the different types of ghosts in the world there aren't more friendly ones. Don't get us wrong, we get it. They died too young with unfinished business, it's not fair. You know what's not fair? Getting slimed when all you want to do is guide a finicky spirit to their final resting place. That's not fair. Here's the kicker: these spirits have had all sorts of time to work out their issues. That ghost, Gertrude? The one with the beautiful dress and a reputation for doing away with servants? She had more than a hundred years to sort through her issues before getting sucked up by a proton stream but did she change her attitude? Nope, she was bitter to the end. That's why we need Ghostbusters like you in the world. A lady with a strong will and a steady hand on her Proton Pack who isn't afraid to show those spooks the light once and for all! What? Did they think they could go on harassing the living for all eternity? Not if you can help it! You'll be ready to face those foolish ghouls once you slip into this ensemble. Your uniform has a few sassy updates: a zip up front, dramatic collar, and cute skirt. You'll be instantly recognized by those errant spirits once they see the iconic Ghostbuster logo, the no-nonsense khaki uniform, and your Proton pack purse! You might not be afraid of ghosts but they might just be afraid of you!

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