Women'S Swanky Flapper Costume by Dreamgirl
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Women'S Swanky Flapper Costume by Dreamgirl

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Bring the 20s Back!How fun would it be to live it up in the Roaring Twenties? The bright lights, the underground speakeasies, the swanky sense of style, can you imagine how much fun all that would be? Well, this Halloween you can be the one to give everyone a trip back to the 20s once you toss on our Woman’s Swanky Flapper Costume.You’ll be the snazziest one in any party scene with this elegant ensemble. You’ll have suitors to your left and right asking you to do the Charleston or to join them in the Black Bottom. If you don’t know how to do either of those dances or any dance move from the 20s at all, then just stick to what you know. Perhaps you can bust out the Macarena or the Cha-Cha instead. Whatever dance moves you bring to the party, with this costume, you’ll be sure to give people a trip to the past.Some Swanky StyleThe dress is made of black velvet printed with a glimmering golden glitter. There is a metallic gold lace design that decorates the torso and the hemline. The dress has sequins and fringe at the shoulders and the hemline is also lined with fringe to add a few more subtle sophisticated touches. The headband, covered in stretch gold sequin and decorated with a black ostrich feather, tops off this swanky transformation.Who Needs a Time Machine?If time machines were invented by now, we feel that a lot of people would love visiting New York City during the Roaring Twenties. Sadly, we still have yet to hear about any progress on a time machine... So the next best thing is to bring the 20s alive yourself. This showboaty costume can help you breathe life into a once exciting era of scientific progress, technological breakthroughs, and tons of Jazz music!

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