Women'S Thunder Superhero Costume by Charades
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Women'S Thunder Superhero Costume by Charades

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Force of NatureYou’re more than just the local meteorologist. Well, we mean, you are the local weather expert, but you’re much more than that. You predict the weather. You know when a warm front is rolling in, when it might combine with an cold snap from the south to make a potential tornado…(we don’t know that much about weather). But, we do think you should make your superhuman forecasting knowledge official with this great Women’s Sexy Thunder Superhero Costume.When you throw on this sleek outfit, everyone will know that you are the weather master of the regional area. You know when the lighting will storm in, when the wind will kick up; your predictions are so accurate, people will begin to think you caused them with your own superhuman powers. And maybe that is a notion you shouldn’t dissuade them of. After all, they don’t call you a “force of nature” for no reason!Fun DetailsThis slick ensemble features a wet-look faux leather finish for that “I just came in from a storm” look that’s de rigueur right now. It’s styled as a body-hugging jumpsuit with a stand-up collar, edged with silver piping. The black satin knee-length cape fastens to the jumpsuit and blows in the wind (coming in at 15 mph from the south east) behind you as you thunder in to take the party by storm! Add a killer (waterproof) pair of shoes and a fun wig or accessories, and you’re ready to rumble. We’re certain this smokin’ look will earn you a deluge of compliments.Forecast Looks BrightSo if you’re ready to hear the party crowd chant, “All “hail” the queen of the elements!” then don’t waste one more minute without this costume. Sure, it’s cool to have such superpowers; but it’s even more powerful to flaunt them. We may be biased, but this look makes you the coolest meteorologist-turned-superhero under the (partly cloudy) sun.

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