Women'S Toy Story Jessie Classic Costume by Disguise
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Women'S Toy Story Jessie Classic Costume by Disguise

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BREAK OUT OF THE BOXMost of us can relate at least a bit to the fear of enclosed spaces. Maybe we're walking down a dark hall and feel those walls closing in on us. Maybe the junk has piled up too high in the passenger seat and our car is just feeling a little too small. Perhaps we've been packaged up in the donation bin for many long months and it is just getting to us! Okay, that last one is probably exclusive to Jessie, but the gal has some traumatizing dreams that just aren't quite going away!Too long has Jessie suffered from those dreams of the box closing up on her and we suspect that you've had it up to your neck with all the daily obligations dragging you down, too! It's time to wade through the packing peanuts of daily expectations and bust through the heavy duty tape of bureaucracy... because toys aren't just for kids anymore and this Jessie needs to breathe! PRODUCT DETAILSPrepare for the best rodeo that you've ever seen when you're the star of the show thanks to this Classic Jessie costume from Toy Story. This is an officially licensed jumpsuit that is printed to look just like Jessie's outfit from the cow-print chaps and jean skort to the white blouse with printed buttons and the red doodles on her yellow cuffs and shoulders! Finish off the look with her iconic red and white cowpoke hat and you're ready to practice your yodeling, too! ROUNDUP THE GANGOnce you've broken free as Jessie, it'll be time to gather up the rest of the gang. Woody, Buzz, Bullseye, and maybe even that varmint Stinky Pete will make a great Toy Story-themed group costume. After all, everyone knows that great toys deserve great friends... plus, they don't want to be in boxes, either! 

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