Wonderful Sweetheart Plus Size Costume For Women by Party King
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Wonderful Sweetheart Plus Size Costume For Women by Party King

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THE HERO WE NEEDFinally! Thank goodness you're here. Is it you? Are you the hero we need? The whole city is in turmoil and only you can save us! The evil Dr. Steinke has released a toxic gas all over the city, and it is turning everyone into potatoes! No, not real potatoes, couch potatoes. Everyone's become incredibly lazy. How will you fix it? What will you do? What superpowers do you even have? If you can fly, we might have an idea. We need you to pick up this mega speaker and fly high over the city. Then, we are going to start playing the song 1999 by Prince. There is no way that all of these people, even drugged as they are, will be able to resist dancing to such an amazing song. Once they start dancing, it should break the drug's hold over them and the whole city will be saved! We owe you our lives, you wonderful sweetheart! FUN DETAILS Are you ready to transform into a superhero? We have everything you'll need, right here! This costume comes with the dress, which is covered in sequins and has gold braid trim. The skirt of the dress also has multiple sequin trimmed layers, meaning the whole dress will flow in the breeze whenever you fly! This costume also comes with a headband and choker necklace, both of which are adorned with a red star, your emblem. The finishing touch for this costume is your wrist cuffs, perfect for blocking bullets and looking awesome. WONDERFUL SWEETHEARTWhen you become a superhero, how will you start saving the world? It sounds daunting, but you don't have to start huge! You could start simple, like maybe make sure you're recycling, or you could pick up some trash you might see on your flight home. Whatever you do, Make sure you're someone you'd want to look up to, and you'll know you're doing the right thing! 

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