Wonderland Caterpillar Costume by FUN Costumes
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Wonderland Caterpillar Costume by FUN Costumes

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A WISE AND WEIRD GUIDE TO WONDERLANDIt isn't like we typically would take advice on geography from a bug.  But, when the bug is a human sized dude who seems to be able to point in every direction at once, perhaps, it is possible that they have a greater understanding of the odd kind of navigation that is necessary in the mad, mad world that is on the opposite side of the looking glass.  If only there weren't so many legs!  But, we do have to give the Caterpillar credit where it is due.  With certainly fewer gestures than it would have taken any other guide, he managed to give us a tour of the place in full.  Chess board, Heart Palace, Mad Tea Party... even the weird beach where those two Tweedles are probably still trying to catch the Cheshire Cat.  So, we will definitely be more fair and respectful to those buggers from now on.  FUN DETAILSTime to show who is who and what is what in the whacky world of Wonderland.  You'll make the perfect Who's Where with this Wonderland Caterpillar Adult Costume.  This sturdy polyester "jumpsuit(?)" features foam-backed sections to show off your caterpillar rolls... which sounds like a terrible thing for humans, but is definitely a marker for aesthetic perfection in caterpillar society.  Three sets of arms and legs are sewn to the side with room for your own to fit inside.  It'll be like a game of people trying to guess which ones are real!  We recommend tricking the heck out of them.  THE BUG WITH ITS FINGER ON... EVERYTHING!We thought that the Cheshire Cat was really the god of Wonderland knowledge.  But, turns out he's just a little too lazy to really stay that attentive.  Should have guessed with a feline!  So, shocker, it's the guy that literally has fingers everywhere, instead!  Enjoy this bright blue wisdom... until you turn into a butterfly, that is! 

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