Woolly Sheep Costume For Toddlers by FUN Costumes
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Woolly Sheep Costume For Toddlers by FUN Costumes

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Little Bo Sheep*Ahem.*Our little Bo Sheep, is quite the sweet,frolicking around beside you.Give him a pat, and a hug at that,and he'll always be sure to find you. Ha! Not too shabby, eh? We wanted to give a spin on the old nursery rhymes. It feels like they're always about some human who's messing things up. Well, what about the animals? That's what we want to know! Those happy little sheep were probably more than fine before Bo Peep came along. Don't even get us started on Old MacDonald, penning in all those poor little animals! And Mary. Mary may have had a little lamb, but that little lamb belonged to some poor ewe before she scooped him up.Sorry. Tangenting. But you get what we're getting at, right? Sure, animals may not be the smartest things ever, but they've survived on their own for ages before us, and they probably don't need humans spoiling everything all the time. This is why we think some of those adorable animals deserve their own rhymes. Fun Details As a matter of fact, those animals could use a little bit of spotlight too. Who could possibly want to dress up as Mary Contrary when you could dress up like the adorable little lamb? It's easy for little ones with our Wooly Sheep Toddler Costume. This faux fleece suit has long sleeves, with a hook and loop closure on the back. The pants have a little lamby tail sewn on the back and an elastic waistband. The headpiece has stuffed ears and a hook and loop closure on the back. There are black mitts and shoe covers with elastic cuffs. See, how cute is that? Answer: Very. Wagging Their Tails Behind ThemThere you have it. Your little one could be the adorable animal star of all those nursery rhymes. All without some ditzy shepherdess screwing it up. Now doesn't that sound like a happily ever after, or what? 

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