Workout Video Star Costume For Men by FUN Costumes
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Workout Video Star Costume For Men by FUN Costumes

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DREAM JOBIf we weren't out here selling costumes, we know what we would want to be doing. We would want to be a star in a series of workout videos! That's the kind of fame for us. Sure, it's not as glamorous as being a singer or an actor. But we'd get all kinds of cool sponsors, and we'd probably have your own gym, and we would be helping people get back into shape! When we picture our workout video, it's hard to decide what kind of workouts we would want to do. We think we would take a different approach than most people. We would want to turn household chores into exercise! That's right, we would turn all of your least favorite chores into your favorite exercises! We could do clean dish curls, and vacuum lunges, we can picture it now... Don't worry, we won't be quitting our day job for this anytime soon! FUN DETAILS This Workout Video Star Men's Costume is exactly what you need before you start filming your own workout video! This costume comes with a red tank top, complete with a motivational saying. That way, you're telling to people to sweat it out even when you're not saying "Sweat it out." The red and white striped shorts come as a classic 80's look and have an elastic waistband for an easy, comfortable fit. The final touch for this costume is the curly synthetic wig you'll be wearing. This is essential for an 80's workout video star. We aren't sure why, but try to picture a workout star without this wig. You probably can't! MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEONow that you have the costume, you can make your own video! Just don't take our idea of turning chores into exercise! Maybe you could do a video where everyone hangs upside down the whole time? That would be cool, we would do your workout! Good luck! 

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