X-Wing Core Set Second Edition Board Game by Asmodee
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X-Wing Core Set Second Edition Board Game by Asmodee

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SPACE COMBAT FOR ALLGenerally speaking, you're not invited to head off into hyperspace to go head to head between the Rebels and Empire until you have your official pilot's license. And, really, that's a good system. With all those laser shots, space can be an incredibly dangerous place and it is critical you know exactly how fast your ship can go and what directions your blasters are pointing. You need to have some real experience in the cockpit before you jump into those kinds of situations! FUN DETAILSFortunately, Star Wars gives us X-Wing to help you get prepared. Join up with your friends and use your point budget to put together an armada of your favorite ships from Star Wars. Each group of vessels have their own statistics, including movement speed, damage output, and shields to keep them among the stars. On each turn, you can move your ship using different shapes of rulers into position and then let loose the blaster fire until you're the last one flying. SIMULATED STAR WARS!If you've ever gone wide-eyed at the special effects of blaster fire in space and wanted to be a part of taking down your enemies, now is the time! With X-Wing, you finally get to live out the actual "star wars" that you've seen in Star Wars! 

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