Yellow Rooster Child Costume by Charades
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Yellow Rooster Child Costume by Charades

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ROOSTER COSTUME Do you find that this costume is a close fit with your child's personality? Do they often wake you up bright and early in the morning by being exceptionally loud? Do they have a larger than life personality with hardly a fear in the world? Do they eat bugs and worms? Hopefully, you didn't say yes to all three questions, but if you did, congrats! This costume is truly the perfect fit for your kid then. This costume will feel as though they are walking around as their spirit animal. As far as barnyard animals go, a rooster is not a bad animal to have as your spirit animal! It's better than donkeys, or alpacas. It definitely beats having a pig! We'd put rooster right at the top of the list with horses and cattle. FUN DETAILS This chicken costume is as cute as it is fuzzy! And it sure is insanely fuzzy. It all starts with the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is made of microfiber loops and is incredibly soft. The foot covers slip on and look like a rooster's feet; they are bright and orange and they look pretty adorable on a human! But they are still not as cute as the hood. The hood has a beak on the front and a comb on the top. It even has an eye on each side, leaving no question that this is, in fact, a rooster costume. All they'll need now is a little bit of corn for a snack, and you will be all set! TRICK OR TREATING FOR CORN?Depending on how into character your child gets, you might find that they are no longer interested in candy. Your typical rooster doesn't get much candy in their diet, you know? That's why we recommend bringing along a little baggie of corn, just in case! 

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